Services available

Decision support

Decisions regarding employee scheduling, inventory management, allocation of advertising funds, or other routine business decisions can often be made more efficiently with a custom spreadsheet that uses optimization methods (such as the Solver tool in Excel) to determine the best possible use of limited resources, or to balance several competing needs. With a small investment in the development of a spreadsheet that can automate complex decisions, you can then use it indefinitely to delegate these decisions to others so you can take some time off, or work on other tasks, or just gain the peace of mind that you have made the best possible decision in the least amount of time.

Data gathering/analysis

This includes designing customer surveys and analyzing the results, internet research, business expansion or consolidation decisions, sales forecasts, budget preparation, and similar types of analysis.

Systems analysis

Most business systems have both manual and automated components, therefore an experienced systems analyst can design the most appropriate overall system -- paper forms, filing system, computer hardware and software -- that will reduce paperwork bottlenecks, comply with regulations, and provide you with the retrieval of requested information in a timely and efficient manner. For larger projects, project management services are available to help monitor technical projects or to serve as liason with outside vendors.

Application Development

When no affordable commercial application can be found that meets your needs, you have an experienced developer available to design and build a custom application, or to maintain an existing legacy application.

Website development

Many people can create a website, but a website for business purposes may have very different goals and design considerations than one designed for entertainment purposes. An experienced business person with a technology focus can help determine what technologies to use, which ones to avoid, and what information must be on your site to attract customers rather than turning them away.

Technical support

Experienced tech support is available for most Windows-based systems. Support can include data recovery, (even after an accidental or malicious formatting), hardware and software purchase recommendations and installation, wi-fi installation and configuration.


Depending on your needs, we may be able to help you with employee training, compiling information due to unexpected events such as tax audits, employee sicknesses or terminations, so that already lean staffs are not quickly overwhelmed.

Billing rate

The billing rate depends on the complexity of the work involved. In many cases, a firm lump sum quote will be provided as opposed to an hourly rate. With the exception of technical support tasks, an initial consultation is free up to one hour, whether it is by phone or in person.

Payment can be made by cash or local check.